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MyEmoji – What do you love?

MyEmoji, the app which provides personalized Emoji-stickers for the target groups B2B and B2C on the mobile phone key pad.

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Be part of it and share the stickers on all social media channels

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Add your favorite sticker to your selfies and share them with your best friends.

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Create and expand your Content-Marketing Tool and your social campaigns with your personal Emoji Sticker. Expand your range and be one step ahead of your competition.

Get Royalties – Cashback for your advertising campaigns.

Expand your content-marketing tool

Free apps / stickers & motives can be used or shared directly on all social media channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and WhatsApp).

With your personal Emoji-Sticker your followers can like and comment on your advertising campaigns and posts more quickly, allowing you to get them emotionally invested faster.

So easy to use

add stickers to photos easily

share with ease

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MyEmoji generates a huge reach and und vitality for your brand.
Digital marketing at increasing individualisation (i.e. personalisation) is a large growth market.

Send us your design to create your personal Emoji-Sticker.
If desired, also with Eye-Love-/ I love-Emoji.

Start your social media campaign straight away.

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Join these amazing brands and partner with us

Family Entertainment

Amazing family brands partner with us: Biene Maja, Tabaluga, Bibi and Tina and many more

Your benefits

  • • Convery multiple messages with a campaign
  • • Strong, frequent placement
  • • Comprehensive and wide coverage
  • • High quality of contact
  • • Optimal addressing of all mobile target groups from ages 12 bis 60+
  • • Guarantees high multiple contacts and high contact values
  • • Young, mobile, highly affine target groups
  • • Campaign specific content control
  • • Distinguish yourself through high efficiency
  • • Many repeat contacts possible
  • • Great target group address
  • • Format with high creative potential
  • • Strong visibility for your campaign

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